Photo of Charles Vandevoorde

Hey! I am Charles Vandevoorde, a software engineer from Belgium. In 2018, I graduated from a master in industrial engineering with a specialization in information technology at the ECAM Brussels. Even since, I work as a backend software engineer in different industries (financial, travel, ...).

Software engineering is also a passion for me. I love to learn new computer science concepts or niche programming languages. I am generally eager to learn how things works under the hood. When I have some time, I also develop some side-projects:

  • this website built in react (gatsby) with the Jamstack architecture
  • the full automation of the installation and setup of my laptop on archlinux with Ansible (source)
  • random libraries published on my github
  • ...

In addition to my side-projects, I also run and bike quite a lot in the Belgium countryside. I am also a big gourmet and never say no to nice fresh beer.

This website

Writing is a great excercise to solidify understanding of complex topics. I often find complex to share my ideas in a clear and simple manner. I see this blog as a mean of exploring and improving myself in thinking and explaining concepts a clear manner.

This site will also allow me to share about concepts or side-projects I care about. This website is 100% open-source and can be found on my Github.


You can contact me via email at [email protected]<my domain name> or you can find me on various social platforms such as LinkedIn or Github.