Hello, I'm Charles, a software engineer living near Brussels, Belgium. Being curious by nature, I always strive to deepen my knowledge or learn new concepts. I am a backend engineer by trade but my interest in computer science and software engineering are wide-ranging:

  • Software architecture and distributed systems
  • Web technologies and design
  • Automation, Cloud and DevOps

I currently work as a systems/backend engineer at SWIFT, a big player in the financial industry. I have a master in industrial engineering specialized in information technology at the ECAM Brussels.

When I am not hacking in front of a computer, I read books (mostly technical) and do sports. I run, cycle and hike in the Belgian countryside and practice a non-competitive martial art (wa-jutsu).

Charles Vandevoorde, software engineer
At a race event in Brussels. After effort comes comfort.

This website


The goal of this website is twofold. First, this site serves as a personal playground to experiment with modern web technologies and web design.
Second, the blog is used as a tool to practice writing. Writing is an important tool to clarify thoughts and pass along ideas. Each blog post is a testing ground for my reflection.


This website has been designed and developed entirely by me. It is built with the astro meta-framework. The styling is done via Tailwind CSS. Blog posts are written in the MDX format. The code is availabe on Github and hosted on Cloudflare Pages.


Professionally, I have mostly worked with C, C++ and Java with a bit of Python. In my free time, I often play with Go, Rust and some web technologies like the latest trending framework.

I am a big proponent of strong typing, automated testing and well-designed code.

I am an avid Linux user. My personal computers have been running archlinux for a few years now.


You can contact me by mail at <my first name>@<this website domain> . I am also on Github.